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When Is It Time to Leave Your Current (UX) Job?

Resign photo created by pressfoto - I’ve been doing the job of lead for almost 3 years now. Like most companies, mine doesn’t really teach you anything about how to manage. So, I found and just finished this great book, The Successful Manager by James Potter and Mike Kavanagh.   While the book was really valuable from a management standpoint, to me the most impactful part of the book was Chapter 13: Determining If It Is Time to Leave . I wished I’d had access to this advice long ago when I first started working. My work journey would have been much different. So here’s the authors’ advice, ask yourself 5 questions about your current job: Do I enjoy the work itself? Do I like the people? Am I fairly/generously paid? Is it meeting my professional development needs? Do I have work-life balance? If you answer yes to 4 - 5 of these questions, then you’re in great shape.  If you only answer yes to 3 of these, then it’s time to start putting feelers out, i.e., you should be l